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WISE Words

WISE Words is a podcast brought to you by the team behind the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE). Join the WISE Team as they talk to thought leaders, innovators, educators and artists from around the world about any and all things to do with education.


Latest Episodes

#29: Tackling Youth Unemployment with Mona Mourshed

Recent trends of increasing global youth unemployment have sparked debate on the return on investment for higher education. Mona Mourshed founded Wise Awards 2018 winner - Generation: You Employed, with an aim of connecting education to employability and providing the necessary skills required for a competitive job market.

#28: Making Higher Education Accessible with Ben Nelson

How do you create the best higher education experience without having the preconcieved notions or burdens of an existing institution. CEO and founder of Minerva, Ben Nelson, talks to WISE Words about how Minerva University aims to set the standard for other prestigious universities to follow.

#27: Putting Well-Being into Practice - Project Spotlight

Following our last episode with Dr. Richard Davidson, we talked to four aspiring individuals from around the world who are advocating for well-being's inclusion in education from an early age.

#26: Why Well-Being Matters with Dr. Richard Davidson

Why is it that some people are more vulnerable to life's challenges while others are more resiliant? Our guest speaker, Dr. Richard Davidson of the University of Wisconsin, has sought to answer this question through his groundbreaking research on emotion and the brain. According to Davidson, well-being is a skill which requires guidance and practice like any other. Mastering the science behind this fact is the key to making a kinder, wiser, and more compassionate world. Find out more about his findings in this episode.

#25: Findings in Learning Sciences, A Revolution for Education? with Elliot Washor, Ondine Bullot and Rogers Kamugisha

This episode we meet three practitioners who are putting in place education methods, solutions, and policies that tackle the mismatch between how we teach and how our brain functions. They also share how they use findings in educational neuroscience to shift educational practices from standardization to personalization.

#24: Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? with Dr. Ger Graus

How often have you been asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” we challenge that question with the Director of Education at KidZania, Dr Ger Graus.

#23: Taking the Luck Out of Education with Jim Shelton and Rebecca Winthrop

This two-part episode begins with some of the different facets that contribute to inequality and the second part will look at what we can do to make sure that every young person, regardless of their background, is able to pursue their education.

Welcome to Season 2

Our host, Stavros Yiannouka, shares a warm welcome with fellow producers of WISE Words, Sarah Fayyad and Vesta Gheibi.

We discuss some highlights from 2018 (including some funny moments) and share some of our thoughts for what's to come in 2019 for Season 2.


#22: WISE@Accra Special Episode

In this final episode of the season we bring to you a special recording from WISE@Accra. The episode is narrated by WISE's very own Sarah Fayyad. As a former teacher herself, Sarah shares her insight and the voices of our community to understand the crucial role of the community in ensuring quality and access to education.


#21: Sharing Knowledge for Consumption with Alan Greenberg

This episode features an interesting discussion between Stavros and Alan Greenberg, exploring what it takes to make education accessible in an age of consumption. Alan Greenberg is currently the Director of Wideacademy and former head of Education at Apple. During his time at Apple he became involved in what has become a notable contribution to the podcast movement.


#20: Prioritizing Education as a Nation with Rebeca Grynspan

In this episode, Stavros talks to Rebeca Grynspan about what it takes to make education an actual priority for an entire nation. What are the trade-offs? What are the different opportunities? And how does prioritizing education looks like for one nation in Latin America?


#19: Exposing Youth to Entrepreneurship with Emily McHugh

In this episode, Stavros talks to Emily McHugh to discuss the value of exposing youth to entrepreneurship. Emily McHugh is the author of "The Little Girl's Guide to Entrepreneurship: What I Know Now That I Sure Wish I Knew Then." Emily takes you on a journey starting with the seeds of entrepreneurship that were planted at an early age on a farm in Jamaica to the founding of her award-winning design company Casauri.


#18: The Power of Local Solutions for Girls' Education with Dolores Dickson

In this episode, we discuss the importance of local solutions in creating opportunities for education, particularly for girls, and the return effects this can have for their communities and beyond. Stavros talks to Dolores Dickson from CAMFED (Campaign for Female Education) to learn from her experience supporting girls and young women to go to school and step up as leaders and entrepreneurs in their communities.

#17: Helping Nations to Empower Young People with Steve Cumming

In this episode we try to understand what it means to meaningfully engage with young people in determining their impact on policies and employment. Stavros talks to Steve Cumming from the MasterCard Foundation to learn from his expertise in nation-wide development.

#16: Technology Empowering Girls with Regina Honu

In this episode of WISE Words we meet Regina Honu and find out how her story helped shape the incredible work she's doing to empower the next generation, especially girls, with tech skills. Regina is the CEO of Soronko Solutions, and the first human-centred design school in Ghana, Soronko Academy. Regina is also an alumna of Ashesi University.

#15: Educating Ethical Leaders with Patrick Awuah

On this week's episode, Stavros Yiannouka sits down with Dr. Patrick Awuah founder and president of Ashesi University to discuss the African education eco-system, higher ed and how can ethical leaders transform a continent.

#14: Biotechnology and Gene Editing with Rachel Haurwitz

On this episode of WISE Words, Stavros Yiannoukka is joined by co-founder of Caribou Biosciences, Rachel Haurwitz as they discuss science, gene editing and CRISPR-based technologies.

#13: Radical Redesign of Maths Education with Conrad Wolfram

Conrad Wolfram has been a prominent proponent of education reform in mathematics to rebuild curriculums towards a computer-based mathematics. Join Stavros Yiannouka in this episode to discover what computer-based maths is and the applications of computational thinking.

#12: Making Higher Education Equitable in the US with Eduardo Padrón

In this episode of WISE Words, Stavros Yiannouka talks to the President of Miami Dade College, Eduardo Padrón to discuss the model of community college and the importance of making education equitable in the US.

#11: Action-Based Education with Billy Grayson

In this episode of WISE Words, Stavros Yiannouka and Billy Grayson discuss Grayson's interesting education background and how it equipped him to take a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving.

#10: Experiential Learning in Rural Areas with Meagan Fallone

In this episode, Stavros Yiannouka sits down with founder and CEO of Barefoot College, Meagan Fallone, to learn about how vocational training can effectively be inclusive and contextual.

#09: Why We Need Entrepreneurship in Education with Yao Zhang

On this episode of WISE Words, Stavros Yiannouka sits down with founder and CEO of Roboterra, Inc., Yao Zhang to discuss her beginnings in the Chinese schooling system and entrepreneurship within education.

#08: Navigating Media with Yalda Hakim

In this week's episode of WISE Words, Yalda Hakim and Stavros Yiannouka discuss identity and the importance of media literacy.

#07: Bridging the Education Gap with Shannon May

On this brand new episode of WISE Words, Stavros Yiannouka sits down with Shannon May to discuss the beginnings of Bridge International Academies and why the Bridge model works. They also address some of the criticisms Bridge has received over the years.

#06: PISA and the Data Behind Successful School Systems with Andreas Schleicher

On this week's episode, Stavros Yiannouka sits down with German statistician, Andreas Schleicher, to discuss PISA, what makes a successful education system, and they get the chance to address some of the criticisms behind standardized tests.

#05: François Taddei

In this episode, Stavros Yiannouka and François Taddei discuss the value of nurturing young curious minds, the ethos of scientific research, and bringing education to disadvantaged communities.

#04: Chimamanda Adichie

In this episode, Stavros Yiannouka sits down with award-winning Nigerian author, Chimamanda Adichie to discuss storytelling, feminism, and education's role in creating accurate historical narratives in post-colonial times.

#03: Sebastian Thrun

WISE CEO, Stavros Yiannouka is joined by the co-founder and chairman of Udacity, Sebastian Thrun in this week's episode where they discuss the beginnings of Udacity, nanodegrees, and the many uses of artificial intelligence within education.

#02: Fareed Zakaria

Join WISE CEO, Stavros Yiannouka as he and Fareed Zakaria discuss the importance of a liberal education in a time where STEM education is seen as the surest path to success.

#01: Kishore Mahbubani

Join WISE CEO, Stavros Yiannouka, as he and Kishore Mahbubani discuss how education could better prepare people for the return of Asia.

Introducing WISE Words

Join Stavros Yiannouka, CEO of WISE, and Ameena Hussain, Director of Programs at WISE, as they introduce WISE Words, and discuss the many facets of WISE and education.

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