What is the relevance of higher education and formal degrees in today’s society? Does it really equip young people for the real world? Is there need to redesign models? And if so, how should we redesign it to make it truly worthwhile for students? Experts share their views.

What is the Value of Higher Education?

College degrees no longer guarantee gainful positions. In many parts of the world, graduate unemployment is hitting the crisis level. While data from the past decades shows that higher education has paid off well for most people, the rapidly changing labor market and the accelerating rise in tuition cause many to question the return on investment for a college education. Many argue that higher education is more about building students’ soul than training job skills. However, if college fails to prepare students for their first jobs, is it worth it anymore?

What is the relevance of a college education in today’s society? Do we need to redesign it to make it truly worthwhile for students? Experts share their views.

Higher Education, Employment and Skills Gap, MOOCs & Future of Degrees, Future of Education

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