Special Focus

How can education be shaped for co-existing and co-creating in a world of dramatic change? 2017 WISE Summit speakers share their views.

Special Focus: Learning to Live and Work Together

The world faces an unprecedented confluence of disruption. Constant advances in artificial intelligence, automation and biotechnology seem to challenge assumptions about what it means to be human. War and instability have triggered widespread dislocation and a migration of people on a scale not seen since the end of the Second World War. 

These challenges spark urgent questions about the role of education and its capacity to support learners of all ages in navigating disruption. How can education be most effectively shaped for co-existing and co-creating in a world of complexity and dramatic change? Speakers at the 2017 WISE Summit share their views. 

Future of Education, Education Technology, Innovation in Education, Teachers, Education Policy and Reform, STEM and STEAM

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