Project Representative
Mr. Eduard Muntaner-Perich
Creation Date: 2013
Geographical Reach: International
Nature and number of beneficiaries: Global Education / +250 children


About the Project

Inventors4Change wants to provide children with tools, techniques and knowledge that let them invent the changes they want to see in the world. It consists of a network of schools and organizations which use Technologies for Creative Learning and Digital Media tools to foster Invention-Based Collaborative Learning among children from different countries. The project is particularly focused on children from underserved communities and children's inventions are inspired by Sustainable Development challenges.

Inventors4Change promotes Invention-Based Collaborative Learning among teams comprising children from different countries. We launch online challenges related to sustainable development issues (human rights, poverty, gender, equality, global warming, etc.) and children express, build and share their own inventions and solutions using digital tools and the Internet. The idea is to encourage children to do "work that matters" and learn to express themselves creatively and critically by using new technologies.

A part of the online project, we also conduct field training in schools. Our team has traveled to India several times to train teachers and conduct workshops with children.

Context and Issue

Inventors4Change is an initiative of UdiGitalEdu, an interdisciplinary group of researchers devoted to design and develop experiences that blend Science, Technology and Art to encourage creativity, critical thinking and teamwork. Our projects are specifically focused on children and young people from underserved communities.

We belong to the University of Girona (UdG) and our offices, lab and maker space are located at the Science and Technology Park of UdG.

Our conception of learning is strongly influenced by scholars such as Dewey, Piaget, Vygotsky, Freire, Papert, and Resnick. In recent years, at UdiGitalEdu we have designed and developed many formal and non-formal educational activities and workshops inspired by their ideas about learning and education.

Inventors4Change’s learning model is inspired by popular learning theories such as Social Constructivism, Constructionism or Connectivism, and by modern educational approaches and movements like Connected Learning and the Maker Culture.

Solution and Impact

We call our model Invention-Based Collaborative Learning because we foster a collaborative learning (even across different countries) where children work in teams to invent (imagine + create) something. In addition, the challenges that children face in our project are related to sustainable development topics, so we are promoting Education for Global Citizenship.

We have started with three schools in South India and three schools in Catalonia (Spain), and the idea is to open the project and create a wide network of organizations and schools from around the world. We are especially interested in collaborating with schools, organizations and projects involved in the education of children from disadvantaged communities.

Future Developments

Right now there are six participating schools: three in South India and three in Catalonia. Five of them provide education to children from disadvantaged communities, and all have excelled in their innovation programs. The project is open; in coming years we want to increase the number of schools, countries, and design and develop our own online platform.

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