This initiative is part of the 2023-24 WISE Edtech Accelerator Cohort. 

What they do

StanLab’s 3D virtual laboratory platform revolutionizes science education, allowing schools to deliver practical classes to students remotely or in person for effective learning, practice, and mastery of scientific skills. Setting up our virtual labs takes just 5 minutes, compared to over 1.5 hours needed for traditional labs. Students gain unrestricted access to gamified learning content, fostering core scientific skills while saving schools costs of running and maintaining physical labs.

Additionally, we are enhancing our 3D virtual lab by integrating productivity tools, leveraging machine learning, that teachers use to generate lesson plans and topical questions from their notes. This streamlines teachers’ workload, reduces time spent on lesson planning and assessments, and empowers them with data to create personalized assessments tailored to students’ learning needs. With StanLab, we aim to optimize the educational experience, equipping both teachers and students for greater success in the world of science and beyond.

Key Features of Stanlab:

  • Efficient 3D Virtual Laboratory Setup: Seamlessly deploy interactive, gamified virtual labs in just 5 minutes, maximizing teaching time and engagement.
  • AI-Powered Productivity Tools: Leverage machine learning to automatically generate lesson plans and tailored assessments, empowering teachers and optimizing the learning experience.
  • Intelligent Learner Tools: Enhance student understanding with intelligent tutors that provide personalized support and guidance, fostering mastery of scientific materials and promoting individual academic growth.

Why it matters

Across Africa, South Asia, and even in disadvantaged regions of developed countries, several million students face a significant barrier in their education journey – the lack of access to traditional laboratories and quality science education. This critical limitation hinders their practical science learning experiences, depriving them of the profound understanding that hands-on experimentation can offer. As a consequence, these students are left disconnected from the real-world applications of scientific principles, hindering their overall learning and development.

Impact and Future Outlook

Africa and Asia are projected to be the regions adding the next billions of students to the global population. In response to this transformative shift, StanLab envisions empowering these millions of students with essential hands-on practical skills in STEM, fostering a future-ready generation. Our commitment to bridging the educational divide will revolutionize learning, shaping a brighter world where limitless opportunities abound. Together, we ignite a powerful force of change, preparing students to excel in the workforce and beyond.

StanLab’s dedication to innovation has earned accolades from esteemed organizations like the British Council, Deloitte, World Bank, Intel, and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). StanLab currently operates in Nigeria, Ghana, and the United Kingdom.

August 23, 2023 (last update 08-23-2023)