WISE Focus on Play

PLAY - Explore the World of Game-Based Learning

PLAY, the theme of the 2013 WISE Cultural Program, is an invitation for young and old to explore the world of Game-Based Learning. Prompting a growing interest on the part of many education stakeholders, game-based learning is a good example of the current transformations of 21st century learning environments. Throughout the world, academic and digital players are jointly developing a wide range of game-based tools, across school levels and disciplines (maths, sciences, culture, languages, citizenship, etc.).

PLAY aims to introduce educators, youth and the general public to a range of approaches being taken by developers in the games and learning sector, and to familiarize the audience with a selection of these new game-based tools that can be used in home, classroom and informal learning settings. 

The PLAY exhibition was organized from October 24 to November 2 2013, in Doha, Qatar. The public was invited to discover a selection of forty game-based learning tools form all continents and many learning areas. Visitors were able to play with a large scale artistic installation reflecting the potential of game-based learning. A series of educational programs were also organized to help educators and students familiarize with features, techniques and future developments of this innovative trend.  PLAY was developed in collaboration with Katie Salen, executive director of the Institute of Play - New York, and with the art collective Trafik, renowned for conceiving interactive artworks at the intersection of visual, plastic and digital disciplines.

Katie Salen
An Invitation to the World of
Game-based Learning
by Katie Salen

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