About Trafik

Access and Inclusion May 05, 2014

Trafik is a French multi-disciplinary creative studio based in Lyon that specializes in cutting- edge graphics and multi-media development and has made its mark with a signature interactive work. The studio was created in 1997 by the Rodière brothers. Graphics and programming are at the heart of many of their projects and this association is the corner stone of Trafik. From the beginning, the brothers felt that programming could be used for creative purposes. Through their ventures, they explore the intersections of visual, plastic digital disciplines and integrate elements of community, exchange and participation to create playful, interactive and collective artistic experiences. Their installations tour modern art museums and new media art festivals throughout the world, such as the Night Lights Festival in Singapore, the Elektra Festival in Montreal, the Galerie Anatome in Paris, or the Fine arts Museum in Taipei.