WISE 11 – Summit Report & Policy Recommendations

Emerging Technologies and Edtech April 04, 2024

With the advent of artificial intelligence, what does the future hold for the way we teach, learn, and tap into our creativity? This comprehensive report summarizes the key discussions, insights and policy recommendations from the 2023 WISE Summit, which brought together global education stakeholders to explore the implications of AI for the future of education.

The report covers five main thematic areas examined during the summit:

  1. Classrooms of the Future
  2. Building Ethical AI
  3. AI and Digital Sovereignty
  4. Higher Education and Employment
  5. Scaling for Equity and Access

It also includes highlights from a special learners’ voice session and a parallel discussion on restoring education access in Gaza. The report concludes with a set of actionable policy recommendations to help shape the responsible integration of AI in education to enhance outcomes while promoting inclusion and equity.

Download the full report to learn more about how education systems can leverage the potential of AI while navigating the challenges, in order to ensure human flourishing in the age of AI.