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Emerging Technologies and Edtech June 19, 2014

The PLAY library contains 40 game-based learning tools, providing an overview of the genres, content areas, technology platforms, and audiences, as well as a short description for some of the best undertakings in the game-based learning sector.

The infographic (click to expand) below offers visual overview of the PLAY library. The infographic is defined by regions and topographical features such as math, science, history, and creativity and activated by varying styles of game play, from sandbox or puzzle style games, to those pairing action, adventure and role-playing.

WISE PLAY infographics


Discover the full selection divided in 5 themes:



ABC Zoom - WISE Play
ABC Zoom
Animal Kaiser - WISE Play
Animal Kaiser
Aglodoo - WISE Play
Backflow - WISE Play
Bloodtyping Game - WISE Play
Blood Typing Game
Crayon Physics Deluxe - WISE Play
Crayon Physics Deluxe
Ecofriendz - WISE Play
Element Hunters - WISE Play
Element Hunters
Fate of the World - WISE Play
Fate of the World
Foldit - WISE Play
Ludwig - WISE Play
Portal2 - WISE Play
Portal 2 & Puzzlemaker
Reach for the Sun - WISE Play
Reach for the Sun
A Slower Speed of Light - WISE Play
A Slower Speed of Light


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DragonBox Algebra - WISE Play
DragonBox Algebra 5+
DragonBox Algebra 12+
Leo's pad - WISE Play
Leo’s pad
The Math Mage - WISE Play
The Math Mage
Minecraft - WISE Play
Motion Math - WISE Play
Motion Math
Monkey Math School Sunshine - WISE Play
Monkey Math School Sunshine
Monthly Magazine Games - WISE Play
Monthly Magazine Games
Professor Layton - WISE Play
Professor Layton (Series)


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Language Skills


Alifbaba - WISE Play
Endless Alphabet - WISE Play
Endless Alphabet
The Cuckoo of Computers - WISE Play
The Cuckoo of Computers
The Knotted Line - WISE Play
The Knotted Line
Knowledge Quest - WISE Play
Knowledge Quest
DS Gakken Chineses all-in-one DS - WISE Play
DS Gakkend Chinese
all-in-one DS
Gamestar - WISE Play
Gamestar Mechanic
Poptropica - WISE Play
ScribbleNautes - WISE Play
ScribbleNautes (Series)


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Social Studies


Haki 2 - WISE Play
Haki 2
Humanos Recursos - WISE Play
Humanos Recursos
Run That Town - WISE Play
Run That Town
Villa Girondo's Future - WISE Play
Villa Girondo’s Future


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3rd World Farmer - WISE Play
3rd World Farmer
Fate of the World - WISE Play
Fate of the World
Civilization - WISE Play
Civilization (Series)
Quandry 2 - WISE Play
Sim City - WISE Play
Sim City/ Sim City EDU


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