Next Einstein Initiative (AIMS-NEI)

About the Project

Founded in 2003 with its first center in Cape Town, South Africa, AIMS recruits Africa’s most talented university graduates and provides them with the cutting-edge training in mathematics they need to enter technical professions or pursue graduate studies in technical fields. 

AIMS offers full financial support, since the vast majority of AIMS students come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Taught by world-class volunteer lecturers, AIMS has won international acclaim for its broad yet rigorous curriculum which builds independent thinking and widely applicable skills while offering exposure to cutting-edge fields of the greatest relevance to Africa, such as epidemiology, finance and natural resource management. There is strong emphasis on interactive learning, problem solving, collaboration, and communication skills. 

The first AIMS center was founded in South Africa where it proved to be a great success. AIMS has since seen three additional centers – in Ghana, Senegal and Cameroon – through planning, start-up, and early-growth phases. A fifth center will open in Tanzania in 2015. Fifteen AIMS centers are planned by 2023.  

Each AIMS center is autonomous yet interdependent within an effective and sophisticated network governance model. A Global Secretariat acts as a coordination and oversight mechanism to ensure consistency and quality of standards across the AIMS brand.  


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-10-2019)