Research reports

Special Edition E-Book: Education Disrupted, Education Reimagined

Responses from education's frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
2019 WISE Research

Secondary Education Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa


WISE Global Education Barometer – Youth Perceptions on their Education and their Future

Conducted by Ipsos
2019 WISE Research

Evaluating the Impact of Global Citizenship Education on Young People’s Attitudes Towards Equality, Diversity and Tolerance

Durham University
2019 WISE Research

The Pursuit of Institutional Excellence: Case studies from Qatar

University of Pennsylvania
2019 WISE Research

Educational Leadership: A Multilevel Distributed Perspective

Northwestern University
2019 WISE Research

Global Competition for Talent: A Comparative Analysis of National Strategies for Attracting International Students

Institute of International Education
2019 WISE Research

Global Sport Development Systems and Athletes’ Access to Education

Ohio University
2019 WISE Research

Language Policy in Globalized Contexts

Carnegie Mellon University Qatar