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Balaji Gadicharla, EdTech enthusiast

A Personalised Approach to Learning

Isn’t it fair to expect a more personalised approach to learning and education?
Sébastien Turbot CEO and Chief Curator, eko6

Learning Ecosystems – Designing Vibrant and Purposeful Learning Communities

Creating alternative approaches for how we learn together now and in the future. 
Bo Stjerne Thomsen, Chair of Learning through Play, LEGO Foundation

The Future of Learning is in Your Community

Learning Ecosystems can be more connected and interdependent to empower learners of all ages to...
Diana Wells & Flavio Bassi, Ashoka

Everyone a Changemaker Ecosystems: a new framework for the growing up years

How can we prepare young people to thrive in this new world?
Julia Freeland, Director, Clayton Christensen Institute

How John Dewey got his first job—and why it matters for the future of learning ecosystems

Authentic ways by expanding where learning can happen beyond the four walls of school. 
Akshay Chaturvedi, Founder & CEO, Leverage Edu

Cities as Learning Opportunities

The value of Human Capital over Financial Capital has never been more evident for cities.
Keri Facer & Helen Manchester, University of Bristol

Reclaiming the Learning City: Mobilizing Every-day and Expansive Learning for Urban Transformation

Cities are at the forefront of humanity’s responses to widespread and disruptive change. Within fifty...
Alexandra Agudelo, Minister of Education, Medellín

Learning Ecosystem of Medellin

Inclusion and learning for a dignified and peaceful Medellín.
Faten Hani, Director, University of Oman Project Office

Planning a City as a Living Lab for Learning

With the rise of developments in old cities and new cities, an emerging trend of...