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Edtech Market Entry Strategies: India

What entrepreneurs need to know about India’s edtech market, its potential pitfalls, and opportunities.

COVID-19: Bringing Girls Back to School

What can be done, and what might work?
Ross Hall, Learning Societies, The Jacobs Foundation

Trust and Thriving Learning Ecosystems

Why is trust important in learning ecosystems?
Karima Grant, ImagiNation Afrika

Conveying Big Ideas with Small Budgets

3 ways to advocate for cities that nurture learning ecosystems lessons from West Africa.
Josh Schachter, CommunityShare

Stewarding Learning Ecosystems: The CommunityShare Story

Who knew lemurs had so much to say if we just listened?
Yi-Hwa Liou, National Taipei University of Education

Learning Ecosystems: Knowing When You Are Ready for Change

Being ready to adapt ecosystem-based changes for sustained learning requires us to understand what it...

A Call to Nominate the 2021 Education Hero!

Ask anyone, anywhere and they will probably tell you how important education is. From the...
Balaji Gadicharla, EdTech enthusiast

A Personalized Approach to Learning

Isn’t it fair to expect a more personalised approach to learning and education?
Sébastien Turbot CEO and Chief Curator, eko6

Learning Ecosystems – Designing Vibrant and Purposeful Learning Communities

Creating alternative approaches for how we learn together now and in the future.