OpenStax CNX

About the Project

OpenStax CNX is a content platform that enables the free and open use of high-quality educational materials by a global community of authors, teachers, and students. Used by millions of people each month, Connexions unbundles traditional textbooks into small modular blocks, like Legos, that each deal with a single conceptual topic. These blocks can be combined and customized in different ways. The system demonstrates that knowledge is dynamic: the ever-changing blocks can be linked in a web, support interactive and immersive elements, and also encourage participation by a global community of students, educators, and practicing experts. All of the modular blocks and the underlying software platform are free and open-sourced in order to promote the broadest possible use and innovation.

OpenStax CNX’ global author community has expanded to encompass the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering at all educational levels. OpenStax CNX now hosts over 18,000 modules collected into over 1,300 e-text collections in 40 languages. To further improve access to high-quality educational content, OpenStax CNX launched OpenStax College ( in June of 2012, which is professionally developing and publishing a series of 25 college textbooks.

April 24, 2019 (last update 09-05-2019)