The WISE Research Series


The Agile Leaders of Learning Innovation Network (ALL-IN) is targeted at policymakers, leadership development providers, academics and other relevant experts interested in co-designing sustainable school leadership development programs.

ALL-IN draws all of them together to share innovative approaches and accelerate the design of new high-quality, high-scale models. ALL-IN aims to:

1. Curate discussions with school leadership development providers by creating a community of practice
2. Develop ways of thinking about evaluating and learning the impact of leadership development and principal support initiatives
3. Serve as a springboard for research that captures and designs coherent school leadership policies and high-impact practices in the network and beyond
4. Positively impact student achievement and well-being outcomes through innovative and effective school leadership approaches


ALL-IN Working Session

September 21, 2018: WISE@ NY

WISE held the second working session for the Agile Leaders of Learning Innovation Network (ALL-IN) in New York City on September 21, 2018. The ALL-IN workshop gathered 25 people from five continents, comprising of academics, experts, school association leaders and program providers who specialize in school leadership development.

The workshop provided an opportunity for the participants to share their unique experiences, exchange knowledge about their programs and discuss ways to address current challenges through innovative policies and practices to empower successful school leadership.

Some of the key takeaways of the New York session:

  • The need to understand multiple perspectives of school leadership and explore best practices taking place around the world.
  • Develop a better definition of leadership and consider competencies or standards for leadership quality.
  • The need for a knowledge base of updated research on school leadership and making this accessible to a wide audience. Alternatively, an interactive reference of leadership models, examples and solutions.
  • The importance of measuring impact and gaining data to develop a strong evidence base for effective policy implementation and change, particularly at the school and district level.

May 2018: WISE@ Accra

The ALL-IN Working Session aims to gather school leadership development organizations and school leader associations, especially from African countries, who are creating sustainable school leadership development programs in support of their school leaders.

Participants were able to share their key building blocks of leadership development, innovative practices, impact and current challenges. Through spirals of inquiry, they had the opportunity to evaluate their programs and co-design solutions, features and improved high-quality, high-scale models.

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