Ron Israel

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Global Citizen’s Initiative (TGCI)

United States of America

Ron Israel is co-Founder and Executive Director of the Global Citizen’s Initiative (TGCI). TGCI is a non-profit organization that brings together people and organizations to address global issues within and across countries. He has more than twenty-five years experience in the design, implementation, and evaluation of large-scale international development training and capacity-building programs. He has designed and managed capacity-building projects in over thirty countries in the fields of basic and higher education, workforce development, youth development, the environment, public health, and public sector governance. For more than twenty years he was  Vice President and Director of International Programs at Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)., He has served as a consultant and advisor to UNESCO, UNDP,  UNICEF, USAID,  WHO and  the World Bank. He is the author of a recent book: Global Citizenship: A Path to Building Identity and Community in a Globalized Age and editor of the series Interviews with Global Citizen Leaders.