Abdullah Ahmed



Abdullah Ahmad is a student who is originally from Pakistan and is now in Qatar pursuing higher education through Georgetown University. Though economics has always attracted him, in future he wishes to combine his academic discipline with philanthropic efforts to help individuals escape the shackles of poverty. He believes that education is the best way to achieve this and, as a result, hopes to work his way up to an important position in the national education department where he can influence policy and improve educational standards in his country.

He has already started to move in this direction. In Pakistan he hosted the Initiative for Peace Conference which invited students and provided them with an informal environment where they could discuss sensitive social issues, clear up their misunderstandings about different groups and promote peaceful relations between communities. He is also the Founder of imPakt, an organization dedicated to collecting funds from Pakistanis overseas who wish to help the less fortunate in their country. 

As for his personal beliefs, Abdullah is unsatisfied with the level of education he received throughout his life. He believes that schools have become environments that are destroying the individuality and creativity of individuals and forcing them to accept the confines of uniformity. Educational institutions need to be restructured to help every individual excel in the field that they are most suited for.