Agustín Alejandro Batto Carol

Founder & CEO, Eidos Global


Son of an Astrologer and an Engineer, Agustin combines a sense of magic and a deep knowledge about processes and structures making him a bond between impossibles and ways to achieve them. In love with our educational challenges, he founded Eidos Global, a social organization with the purpose of empowering people with the necessary skills to thrive in an ever-changing world. Working alongside the United Nations system, National Government, and Fortune 500, Eidos Global has taught critical future-fit skills to more than 4 million people in +85 countries.
Agustin is also a youth and SDG advocate, and a worldwide engaged global-south thinker. In this facet he was Chair of the G20 youth, being in charge of the design of innovative public policies for the G20 Heads of Governments. He has also served as Chief Experience Manager for UNESCO, being responsible for the Heads of State and Youth engagement amongst others.