Aisha K. Al Naama

Senior Branding Specialist, Hamad bin Khalifa University


Aisha Al-Naama is an employee of Hamad bin Khalifa University, a member of Qatar Foundation. She worked as a Senior Branding Specialist. With a specialty in Graphic Design, and background in strategic branding. Her professional career at the university included overseeing the university’ brand, and overall support in marketing and outreach. After finishing her bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design in 2011, Aisha Al-Naama worked for a design innovation initiative, under Qatar Foundation, as a communication designer, one of the initiative’s projects that she was part of was a social design project aimed at improving the life of migrant labor workers in Qatar.

Aisha worked in the fields of communication and education, and has experience in teaching and designing professional workshops in the areas of design, advertising, and branding. Her workshops were designed for both middle-school and high-school students in Qatar. Due to her interest in the fields of human centric design, education, and innovation, she has participated in the WISE Learner’s Voice program in 2014, and is currently pursuing her Juris Doctor Degree in Law at Hamad bin Khalifa University.