Amina Hamad

Student, Qatar University


Amina Hamad is Sudanese, but was born and raised in Qatar. She graduated in June 2014 from Qatar University with a BA of International Affairs, and a minor in International Political Economy. Amina is about to finish her MA in Gulf Studies, focusing mainly on how education could be used by states to maintain stability;

Amina’s interest in education has led her to work as a teacher and research assistant at Qatar University for the past two years. As such she has become familiar with several challenges that are education-related and senses some gaps that should be addressed and solved. She is especially interested in exploring how quality education could be provided to deprived communities and individuals. To find potential solutions, Amina started to focus her research work on issues related to quality education, indoctrination, and the role of education in assisting refugees.

Through WISE, Amina aims to address the inability of the traditional educational system to encourage innovation and creativity among students and hopes to provide sustainable solutions for this challenge.