Ana C. Rold

CEO & Founder, Diplomatic Courier

United States of America

Ana C. Rold is an award-winning media executive with a portfolio of print and digital assets reaching five continents and 182 countries. She started her career as the founder of Diplomatic Courier, the flagship media network and magazine for top diplomats and policy leaders around the world. She co-founded and is a Board Member of Learning Economy Foundation, a non-profit organization with a global mission to translate leading edge technologies into transformative learning and economic systems that promote equity, mobility, privacy, and individual agency. Her futuristic think tank, the World in 2050 has convened over 20,000 multi-stakeholders in the United States and Europe since 2012. And since 2006, Ana has taught Comparative Politics at Northeastern University, where she led two University delegations to Cyprus and Egypt through the Dialogue of Civilizations program. She writes regularly for national and international publications and sits on international steering committees and boards, including the World Web Forum, the Smithsonian Science Education Center, and Gallup’s Senior Advisory Council.