Aya Chebbi

English and International Relations Student


Aya Chebbi is an award-winning Pan-African feminist and renowned blogger. Her blogs were published at Al-Jazeera, OpenDemocracy and Foresight-Africa among other media. Aya is the co-founder of the Voice of Women Initiative (feminist collective) and founding Chair of Afrika Youth Movement, one of Africa’s largest pan-African youth-led movements. She previously worked as Africa and Middle East Programs Director at World Peace Initiative Foundation and currently sits on the Board of Directors of CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation and the Advisory Committee of FRIDA Young Feminist Fund.

Aya is an international speaker, keynote at BOND conference, the UN Commission on the Status of Women, US Congress hearings, TEDx and DW among others. Over the span of seven years, Aya supported, mentored and worked with hundreds of youth on empowerment and peace-building projects, blogging, advocacy and mobilization. In recognition to her achievements, Aya received Women4Africa Award in London and appeared on top lists of people to watch; at the Huffington Post and 100 under 40 Most Influential Arabs by ArabianBusiness. As Mo Ibrahim Foundation Scholar, Aya holds her masters degree in African Politics from SOAS, University of London.