Ayesha Ehtisham

Content Manager, Taleemabad

After my graduation in Computer Science, I embarked on my professional journey at Taleemabad, initially stepping in as a Junior Animator. Over time, I transitioned into crafting engaging animated content for classes K-6, meticulously aligned with Pakistan’s educational curriculum. My dedication and continuous growth led me to advance to the position of Senior Animator, subsequently taking the reins as the Team Lead of the animation department. In the last year, my journey ascended to the role of Content Manager, where I have been ardently spearheading the content department’s endeavors. Alongside, I hold a significant position on the Research and Development team, contributing to innovative educational solutions. Now, with a solid foundation in management, creative and tech domains, I aim to incorporate artificial intelligence into our operations, striving for enhanced educational methodologies and outreach at Taleemabad.