Boya Yang

Teacher, Psychologist and CEO, The Affiliated Middle of Kunming Teachers College and Kunming Yanglaoshi Education Information Consulting Co. LTD


Boya Yang, from China, is a teacher, psychologist and the 2016 Fellow at the Harvard SEED program for social innovation. Boya offers vulnerable students and their parents psychological guidance, supporting parent-child communication and providing appropriate assistance and referrals in some cases. She has established a center in her city with a program to help teenagers with professional advice and support. Boya has also created and led a group of teachers at local schools who work to implement and support personal and social education. This model of psychology education has reached more than 80,000 teenagers, teachers, and parents. Boya has also developed psychology courses to raise student awareness, increase their sense of agency and support their empowerment. Boya is the first Chinese teacher named on the list of top ten candidates for the Global Teacher Prize organized by the Varkey Foundation. She is also a famous young social activist in the philanthropy sector and was selected as the Quick Pitch Award Winner of the 2017 Global Social Venture Competition. Boya has also made speeches and given interviews on her work at national conferences and with local media outlets.