Caitlin Baron

CEO, the Luminos Fund

Caitlin Baron is the CEO of the Luminos Fund, an international education nonprofit dedicated to giving the world’s most vulnerable, out-of-school children a second chance to learn. Luminos’ award-winning program marries the best of global and local learning science to enable marginalized children to catch up to grade level and go on to lifelong learning. Under Caitlin’s leadership, Luminos has successfully scaled its education mission across five countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, working in partnership with more than 25 community-based organizations to reach over 218,541 out-of-school children. Over 90% of Luminos students succeed in the catch-up program, going on to complete primary school at twice the rate of their peers.

Caitlin believes in the power of joyful learning to enable children to thrive, even in the poorest corners of the world. She spent the previous decade as a senior leader within the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, helping to grow the organization to steward over $1 billion in charitable giving.