Carlos Sosa

Student, University of El Salvador

El Salvador

Carlos Sosa is a young Salvadoran who is involved in different initiatives to address crucial issues in his country. He belongs to Líderes Solidarios, a network of young professionals and university students that fosters young people’s abilities and engagement with national development through social volunteering and proactive citizen participation. He is member of the technical crew and facilitator in the Líderes Jaguares program, targeted at public high-school students.

Mr. Sosa holds a Bachelor’s degree with honorable mention in International Relations and he is currently pursuing an Education for Peace diploma. He is also working as advisor at FUNDE in the Central American Citizenship Campaign, while constantly searching for further job and academic opportunities.

He aspires to perform and teach in areas such as Foreign Service/Diplomacy, Public Policy, Human Development and Global Citizenship. He is also very enthusiastic about self-improvement, coaching and languages.

At University, he served as member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Students of International Relations, organized academic congresses, undertook an internship at Oxfam, served both as delegate and Chief of Delegation in two official MOAS and performed as volunteer in numerous international events held by El Salvador’s Government.

He is passionate about education and considers it a fundamental first step in the pursuit of sustainable global welfare and progress. He also thinks that universal access to innovative and high-quality education is the new challenge to be addressed, being more demanding than universal access to education alone in tackling current educational issues.