Daphnée Charles

Graduate of Quisqueya University


Daphnée’s longstanding passion for plants led her to study agro-economics. Since Daphnée’s childhood, her parents have told her that education is a golden key that can open the door to success. She has embraced this belief and is spreading the word by supporting the Haitian Education and Leadership Program (HELP), a non-profit organization that promotes higher education in the country. She has played an active role in encouraging young children (particularly girls) to study and realize their dreams, and has made a radio program that is contributing to ending gender discrimination.
In 2010 she was awarded a scholarship to spend two terms at Dartmouth College in the USA. Inspired by this experience and by her participation as a Learners’ Voice student in WISE 2011, she is setting up an organization with two other WISE participants to promote volunteer work in Haiti to help recent graduates to enter the labor market.
Daphnée’s dream is to use her knowledge to pave the way for a Haiti that can feed its people. Daphnée is an open-minded, friendly and respectful person. She likes spicy foods, reading and swimming.
A graduate of agro-economics, Daphnée is working as a consultant for Panos Caribbean, a non-profit information agency based in Haiti.
As a representative of Learners’ Voice, Daphnée participated in the study trip to the Self-Sufficient School in Cerrito, Paraguay, on July 1-10, 2012.