Ghada Al Subaey

Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur

Since 2012, Ghada has been shaking up the fashion industry with her innovative and sustainable designs, earning her accolades and admiration worldwide. She is the founder of two iconic fashion brands, ‘The Kayys’ and ‘1309’, both of which embody her ethos of sustainable luxury and timeless elegance, all while prioritizing our planet’s and women’s wellness.
Ghada’s innovative and authentic approach to fashion has earned her widespread recognition, including the “Young Designer Arab Woman Award” in 2013. She brings a unique and authentic perspective to fashion, stretching traditional norms and inspiring others to think outside the box. Along with her use of non-toxic, biodegradable, and recyclable packaging, Ghada also strives to incorporate sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics into her work. Her impact extends beyond just fashion; she is a visionary who is reshaping the way women view fashion in Qatar and around the world.