Haia Mohammed Al-Kubaisi

Student, Qatar University


Haia Al-Kubaisi is a senior student at Qatar University. She is an English Linguistics student with a minor in Translation. Her research interests are in fields of first and second language acquisition, discourse analysis, and sociolinguistics. Her research revolves around the linguistic aspects of the Arabic language and most particularly the Qatari dialect and society. 

As projects for her courses at Qatar University, Haia conducted research on “Basilectal and Acrolectal features of Arabic English”, “The Discourse of the Qatari woman across three generation”, “Labove’s Storytelling Theory in the Qatari dialect”, and she is currently working on ” Errors of Arabs as English language learners in their Interlanguage” 

She would like to pursue a career in academia and research. Pragmatics and translation theories are fields the she would like to explore further. Aside from her academic interests, Haia is passionate about voluntary and community work. She has volunteered at Hamad General Hospital and Qatar Career Fair. She also loves languages and has taken courses in French and Hebrew.