Haya Al-Thani

International Politics Student


Haya is currently completing her final year as a student at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar (SFS-Q), majoring in International Politics. She is also in the process of attaining a certificate in Arab regional studies for her research on the postcolonial era in the Middle East. 

Through her studies, Haya has developed an interest in political, social and economic development and the major role that education plays in advancing these interlinked categories. She believes that an educated society is a healthy society, where moral, ethical and progressive thought flourishes, and that it should be a priority of every state to invest in their human capital to bring their nation forward.

Haya is aware of how fortunate she has been in having an education provided by the government and a future filled with possibilities. In return, she wants to give something back to the community by becoming an active member of society and helping others fulfill their potential. She is striving to secure a job by the end of the academic year as well as hopefully continuing with her higher education studies.