Dr. Marta Arango Nimnicht

Founder and General Director of International Center for Education and Development (CINDE)


For 33 years, Marta Arango Nimnicht and the International Center for Education and Development (CINDE) have been transforming the field of childhood education and development, and their programs have already reached 30 countries and impacted 10,000,000 children, using innovative approaches that lead toward empowerment and sustainable social and human development.

She leads CINDE that she founded in Colombia with her husband Glen Nimnicht in 1977. CINDE has established itself as an international reference in early childhood, family, childhood and youth and social and human development supporting governments, the United Nations system, international and national NGOs and foundations in the formulation and design of policies and programs and preparing the human talent required at all levels from community leaders to  postdoctoral professionals. These actions translate into the real articulation of States and civil society to achieve real changes in the quality of life of children, their families and communities, and empowering them to build a culture of rights.

All this work has been grounded in the generation of knowledge obtained by direct contact with communities, such as the work done over 20 years in the State of Chocó, one of the poorest regions of Colombia, with PROMESA, an integral program for children in their early years, their families and communities. This was done years before integral approaches were the guiding criterion for early childhood care.

CINDE is also using advanced technologies for the development of online learning programs, through which to reach, in the first stage, Spanish-speaking populations. The Comprehensive Plan includes the development of partnerships and strategic alliances with national, regional and international organizations and academic institutions to carry programs enriched by the contributions of all participants in these experiences. This strategy will also contribute to building a stronger financial base and create better conditions for the continuation of its investigative work.