Mujtaba Naqib

Qatar Scholarship for Afghans scholar, Bard College

After receiving the Qatar Scholarship, Mujtaba Naqib embarked on a new chapter, using the scholarship as a bridge from challenges in Afghanistan to a promising future in the U.S. It allowed him to pursue his studies in Computer Science and recognize the potential of displaced Afghan students.

At Bard College, he contributes as the Head Treasurer of the International Student Organization and Central Asian Student Organization, fostering a diverse and inclusive campus environment.

Mujtaba excelled as a Pfizer intern, gaining industry experience and contributing to innovative projects. His commitment to making a positive impact is evident through a generous donation made on his behalf to the International Rescue Committee, supporting refugees fleeing conflict. Mujtaba is a Google Certified Data Analyst, highlighting his proficiency in data analysis. From the Qatar Scholarship to Pfizer and Google certification, his journey reflects a dedication to making a difference in the lives of others.