M. M. Nasif Rashad Khan

Deputy Manager, Research and Development Unit, Microfinance Programme, BRAC


Nasif is an aspiring development professional from Bangladesh who is committed to working in the development sphere of his country to ensure human rights and justice through quality education. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), majored in Finance.

The journey after his undergrad helped him to grow personally and professionally. With an unorthodox choice, Nasif chose to pursue a career in the development sector. He chose to join Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC), Bangladesh’s first leadership institute, where he helped to facilitate leadership learning for about 600 participants by organizing educational leadership camps and trainings.

He also holds an interest in grass-roots entrepreneurship development. A Commonwealth Certified trainer on Youth Entrepreneurship, Nasif believes more social intervention is needed in the form of a social enterprise model to devise different formal and informal educational services, catered for both the youth and adult population, to inform Bangladeshi citizen about their rights and duties.

Nasif is currently working at BRAC as a Deputy Manager for Research and Development Unit (RDU), Microfinance Programme. He hopes to use this opportunity of working at BRAC to understand the complex nature of different social development issues in a more in-depth manner and actively contribute in the development of the country.