Nayef Al-Ibrahim

Founding Partner and CEO, Ibtechar Digital Solutions

Nayef Al-Ibrahim is a civil engineer who had graduated from Qatar University in 2009. Post graduation, Nayef joined the real estate industry in Qatar till 2016. Due to the nature of the real estate business, Nayef has been exposed to the life cycle of projects; from ideation stage, validation, feasibility, design, and all the way to the implementation. This rich wide spectrum enriched Nayef’s knowledge and his understanding on the processes needed to take a project from an idea stage to implementation level. Beside his delivery oriented skills, Nayef is passionate about Human Capital Development and he strongly believes that education can greatly and positively impact the future of our community and economy.
Nayef discovered his passion toward human capital development in 2008, When he founded the “Life is Engineering” initiative with a group of his colleagues in Qatar University. The initiative was driven by the fact that there was a huge drop in the number of male students doing the college of engineering at Qatar University. As a result, the initiative was built around building a racing car from scratch and driving it on the Lusail International Circuit. The journey took 24 students through the process of understanding the science and engineering behind the manufacturing and the design of the real car. Today, we are witnessing the 10th cycle of the program and currently, the program was able to attract more than 290 Qatari male students to an immersive educational experience, helping them to consider the engineering field as a future field of study.
In 2015 Nayef decide to combine the professional experience and the personal passion; Therefore, Nayef joined Ibtechar Digital Solutions as a Founding Partner and CEO. Ibtechar is an Innovation Development and Management Company that provides Practical Innovation Solutions to the market. At Ibtechar Nayef managed to build a strong trusted brand in Qatar in the domain of Innovation. With clients portfolio ranges from Ministries, Corporates, SMEs, and non for profit entities.
Nayef holds an MBA from the American University at Emirates in addition to his engineering degree.