Nephtaly Andoney Pierre-Louis

Head of Events, World Merit Organization


Nephtaly Pierre-Louis was born in Haiti and raised by her mother, a veteran public primary school teacher of 25 years. Despite her modest income, his mother sent him to the best school in his hometown, and has always encouraged him to strive for the best. Recognizing the importance of education, Nephtaly excelled in all his classes in primary and secondary schools, allowing him to apply for a university scholarship at Haitian Education & Leadership Program. Through the leadership program at HELP, Nephtaly participated in an afterschool tutoring program established to help pupils in one of the most disadvantaged localities in Haiti succeed the state exams. This experience inspired Nephtaly to not only work on developing his individual advancement, but the transformation of his country as a whole. In 2013, he was selected by HELP to participate at a training session in asset based community development organized by the Centre Haïtien de Leadership et d’Excellence. Since then, he has been working with youth-led organizations such as World Merit Haiti and ACTIVEH, supporting young leaders in building sustainable initiatives in their communities. For his bachelor’s thesis in economics, Nephtaly examined the role the education policies in the economic transformation of the ‘Asian Tigers’ economies. In doing so, he learned valuable lessons on good practices that can be executed in Haiti.