Noor Al-Qaedi

Graduate, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMU-Q)


Noor Al-Qaedi is a recent CMU-Q double honors graduate holding a BSc in information systems, with a concentration on user-centered design. To develop her strong passion for education, she joined Teach for Qatar as an intern; she led a class of 20 students, and supervised workshops that focused on raising awareness of various global crises. Having always believed in the power of education, she aspires to give back to her community by teaching and inspiring others. Noor recently worked on research that focused on developing e-commerce in Qatar. For this she won an award for the “Most Relevant Research to Qatar’s 2030 Vision” from the Qatari Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics. Noor believes a key part of her professional development comes from being open to meeting people from various cultures. She has represented her country in several programs abroad. She was chosen to visit Silicon Valley in the United States, and to participate in a trip to Australia to learn about sustainability practices and how to apply them in Qatar. She was also the only Qatari student chosen to be part of a summer innovation academy in France that hosted 500 international students for three weeks during which she and three other students developed a project entitled “From Ideation to Execution”.