Ramy Safien

Petroleum and Energy Engineering Student


Ramy is a fourth-year student in Petroleum and Energy Engineering in the American University in Cairo. He was raised in Asyut in a poor and difficult environment, and became passionate about serving and developing the community. For his leadership potential and high grades, he was selected by the Leadership for Education And Development (LEAD) program, which awarded him a scholarship to study in the American University in Cairo, preparing him to be a future leader. 

Ramy has many activities besides his academic courses. He was accepted this semester as a charity head in GLOW, a community service club. He also takes part in other activities at home, such as providing lessons to people in secondary school and college on different human development topics. After graduating, Ramy plans to travel abroad for three to five years maximum, working as a petroleum engineer, and then return to Asyut to do business and community service work.