Reem Marto

Head of Middle East & North Africa, Teach For All

Reem is the head of the Middle East & North Africa region at Teach For All, working to facilitate learning and engagement with Teach For All partners and prospective partners and cultivate an environment that contributes to network growth, impact, and progress in the region. Prior to joining Teach For All, Reem led the outreach and development work for Soliya, a pioneering non-profit organization that uses new technologies to facilitate dialogue between students from diverse backgrounds across the globe. Born in Amman, Jordan, Reem grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and completed her bachelor’s degree in Middle East Studies and International Studies from Emory University and received her Master’s degree at Princeton University’s department of Near Eastern Studies. Reem has studied Arabic in Damascus, Turkish in Istanbul, and earned a one-year fellowship at the Center for Arabic Study Abroad at the American University in Cairo, Egypt.