Sadam Al-Adwar

Founder, EVENTS Consulting and Marketing Services


Sadam Al-Adwar graduated recently with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. As a youth activist, he has been active in community development since 2007, establishing a first youth association in his tribal area named Agyal Marib Association for Development. The latter aims to empower youth, particularly young women, through their meaningful participation in decision and policy-making processes to promote a healthy, democratic and peaceful society. 

Sadam is a young leader working with different NGOs and youth initiatives in Yemen, where he manages and mobilizes more than 500 young people annually in different cities across the country. He has launched a series of engaging initiatives which have attracted considerable attention and large audiences. He has represented Yemen in many events and conferences in Qatar, Portugal, Spain and Pakistan. 

As a young entrepreneur he has established his own company in Yemen called EVENTS Consulting and Marketing Services and works for organizations to organize their events and to help them to promote their products and services, as well as working in web and IT solutions.

Sadam is passionate about helping others and feeling useful to the world he lives in. He is also keen on writing articles and blogging and has contributed to many newspapers and website about different issues. He has had his own blog since 2008 which has been visited by more than 117,000 people. Recently Sadam was appointed as a Global Youth Ambassador for Education.