Sadiki Bamperineza

Student, Kepler

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Sadiki is a Congolese refugee whose parents moved to Rwanda when he was four. He studied both primary and secondary school in Kiziba refugee camp in western Rwanda. With his refugee status and the lack of financial support, he invested his time in supporting community education. He taught geography in senior three, and helped the parents start ‘Kiziba High School’ which brought upper secondary classes to the camp. Despite his community’s poverty and his simple background, Sadiki pursued university degree. After three years’ working in Kiziba as a teacher, he was admitted at Kepler, a university program which helps bright students to earn online degrees from Southern New Hampshire University. He earned his associate degree of arts in general studies in 2017, and is now working on his bachelor’s of arts in communications with a concentration in business. While working on his degree, he interned at SafeMotos, a startup taxi service company based in Kigali. At SafeMotos, he created a digital platform for driver training. Sadiki has returned Kiziba camp and started a project using technology to help refugees become self-reliant. He is studying the causes of unemployment in Kiziba with the goal of creating a strong education model that increases the competitiveness of refugees in the local labor market.