Salma Boudina

Project Manager


Salma is a Moroccan social activist who is committed to education. She initiated Ajial Najah, a project that marked the beginning of her involvement in addressing educational shortcomings in her community. The project aims to diminish the school dropout rate in Morocco by empowering unmotivated youths to be actors of their own success and inspiring them through role-modeling. Being aware of the lack of youth engagement in voluntary activities, Salma ensured that her project revived the voluntary spirit among young Moroccan people, offering them a place where they can share their skills and develop their sense of citizenship.

Having completed her Master’s degree in Management, Salma has successfully combined high achievement in her studies with deep involvement in social projects at both local and international levels. For instance, she was chosen as a global leader of social change by Oxfam International Youth Partnership, and has also contributed to the establishment of the Mediterranean Autonomous Network for Youth to facilitate cooperation between NGOs across the Mediterranean region. Salma has also participated in many international conferences in India, Jordan, Thailand, Italy and France.

Salma’s experience as a business student and as a Volunteer Project Manager made her realize the importance of voluntary activities as a complement to business curricula. She is therefore seeking to join the two together in order to increase the efficiency of Business School programs, supply talented graduate to the labor market, and increase the involvement of youth as positive actors in their communities.  v