Dr. Saverio Krätli

Freelance Researcher and Consultant; Honorary Editor in Chief, Nomadic Peoples


Saverio Krätli is a freelance researcher/consultant specialising in the interface between producers, science, and policy, with a focus on pastoral production strategies. Saverio studied Philosophy at the University of Bologna, Italy; Anthropology of Development at the University of Sussex, UK; and Development the UK Institute of Development Studies (IDS), with a doctorate research on livestock breeding and production amongst pastoral Wodaabe in Niger (Cows Who Choose Domestication). Committed to a trans-disciplinary perspective, Saverio has engaged with issues of conflict, education, tacit knowledge, mobility, and pastoralism total economic valuation. Current research interests focus on the economic use of environmental variability by dryland production systems, and the gap between drylands/pastoral development theory and methodologies. Since 2009, he has been honorary editor-in-chief of Nomadic Peoples, the historical peer-reviewed journal of the Commission on Nomadic Peoples, the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES).