Shree Raj Shrestha

Student, Rollins College


Shree Raj Shrestha was born into a working-class family in Nepal and is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Mathematics at Rollins College, United States. 

He was selected to participate in the Opportunity Funding Program, funded by the United States Education Foundation in Nepal (USEF Nepal), that supported him financially and assisted him in applying to U.S. universities. Before pursuing a college degree, he worked for two years tutoring high-school students at Orient College, Kathmandu, Nepal, where he studied for his A-Levels. Currently, he tutors for Upward Bound, a pre-collegiate program at Rollins, which helps underprivileged students on their pathway to higher education. His other extracurricular involvement at Rollins encompasses his passion for sustainable education. He is a Clinton Global Initiative campus representative, a Leadership Ally and an Alfond Scholar. Apart from extracurricular and academic work, he is currently engaged in research to incorporate alternative methods inside and outside the classroom with the use of technology.

Shree hopes to improve access to educational opportunities for underprivileged students. In the near future, he hopes to utilize what he learns in his academic endeavors to better the educational infrastructures of Nepal and similar low-literacy countries. He believes that WISE will help him make meaningful connections and acquire the skills he requires to help him achieve his life goal. It is his hope to contribute back to the program with meaningful engagement and committed participation.