Vansh Saluja

Youth Politician and Co-Founder, iLead Change Foundation


Vansh Saluja is a youth politician based in New Delhi. His family were refugees from Pakistan who came to India after the partition in 1947 with barely anything. His family’s struggle has encouraged Vansh to follow his passion for education. He is the Co-founder of the NGO iLead Change Foundation. He had the opportunity to attend the Youth Forum at the 14th United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in Nairobi, Kenya in 2016. During the conference, the main theme of discussion was better educational opportunities for young people. Vansh had the privilege of being a co-panelist with the Deputy Secretary General of UNCTAD during the same conference. He has spoken at various conferences and summits in 14 countries. Vansh is one of the youngest members to be appointed as a social worker in the school management committees that work on improving learning conditions in local government schools. Vansh has closely worked with the Ministry of Education to improve the public education system and bridge the learning gap between private and government schools. As a young leader from a country poised to be the world’s youngest nation by 2020, Vansh’s vision is to build an education system where the young can maximize their potential. As an aspiring elected representative, he wishes to make education the central focus of his campaign.