Younes Bensouda Mourri

Founder/CEO, LiveTech.AI LLC

Younes Bensouda Mourri is the founder of LiveTech.AI, an AI learning platform that transforms academic institutions by providing them with AI tools. He got his B.S. in Math & Computer Science and M.S. in Statistics all from Stanford University. He started a PhD at MIT in Social Robotics and is currently on leave to work on LiveTech.AI. He co-created 5 Deep Learning, 4 Natural Language Processing, and 1 Machine Learning course that have reached over 1.3 million learners online. 23% of the online learners got a job in AI after completing the courses. He is currently an Adjunct lecturer of computer science at Stanford since the age of 22 where he teaches Machine Learning with Andrew Ng. Younes previously worked in Coursera and Deeplearning.AI where he not only developed and taught courses but also built smart AI auto-graders capable of grading millions of submissions in real time. Outside of Stanford, he taught/teaches generative AI courses in companies like ASML, CISCO, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), etc. Recently his interests are in developing AI educational tools and more specifically NLP for personalized feedback and chain of thought reasoning.