This initiative is part of the 2016-17 WISE Accelerator Cohort. 

What they do provides real time data from the classroom to help schools understand what actually works. With its award winning workflow tools for teachers, allows teachers to truly personalize learning by better understanding every student’s individual needs. The real time data from the classroom results in rich insights for the administration to make more informed decisions.

Why it matters

Schools lack leading indicators to make decisions faster. Most decisions are made using trailing indicators like standardized test scores. This results in decisions being made too late. Typically, it takes over two years to understand the effects of change. This is why change in education takes so long.

Tractions so far starts by giving teachers freemium tools that they love. Today, over 200,000 teachers use’s award winning tools to plan lessons, align to curriculum, and assess their students. The real magic is what can do with the real time information coming from the classroom. can provide rich insights to superintendents, curriculum leaders, and principals to help them understand how classes are being taught and whether changes are making a positive impact.

Technology is playing an ever increasing role in education, it’s even more important that people understand the efficacy of each resource used, whether it is a multimedia application or a piece of content. In the future, will not only be a standalone platform of applications for schools. The future of will be an open platform for developers and publishers to build on that allows them to understand the actual effect of their resources in the classroom.

April 26, 2016 (last update 01-03-2021)