About the Project

Generation is a youth employment organization operating in 69 cities and 164 sites in eight countries—active programs in China (Hong Kong), India, Kenya, Mexico, Spain, and the United States, and programs soon to be launched in Pakistan and the UK. Generation recruits youth, trains them in profession-specific skills, and places them in jobs. Once on the job, Generation measures return on investment for graduates (personal and financial well-being) and employers (productivity and quality outcomes, retention, and speed to promotion). Their mission is two-fold: to empower young people to build thriving, sustainable careers and to provide employers the highly skilled, motivated talent they need.

Generation is only three years old, but they are the fastest-scaling and largest demand-driven global youth employment program by annual volume. Generation offers programs in 23 professions across four sectors, and have approximately 19,000 graduates. They have attained industry-leading job placement and retention rates, and are proving impact for youth and employers.



April 24, 2019 (last update 09-19-2019)