This initiative is part of the 2018-19 WISE Accelerator Cohort. 

What they do

ScholarX is a platform that helps African Youths access funding to help them get an education irrespective of their socio – economic status. ScholarX aims to solve the access to education problem in Africa, caused by poverty and other social economic inequalities.

Why it matters

Nigeria’s youth population is growing rapidly; however, opportunities to access adequate education and formal skills are declining. Nigeria has over 10 million children out of school, and their greatest hope of escaping poverty is through education. Failure to tackle inequitable access to basic education will deprive a whole generation of opportunities to develop their potential and escape poverty. The National Bureau of Statistics in Nigeria revealed the alarming rate of youth unemployment is as much as 50. Without urgent action in terms of ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education that promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all, the potential of tens of millions of Nigerian youth would be consigned to a future of poverty, insecurity, and unemployment.

Tractions so far

ScholarX tackles the problem of lack of funds for education for school-age students between 14 – 25 years old, by creating a platform where they can meet donors to help sponsor their education. ScholarX currently has three products; a scholarship aggregator mobile/web app which has over 15,000 local and foreign targeted scholarships, a micro-scholarship crowdfunding platform called the “Village” that helps connect local students who need help with tuition funding and sponsors. The third product is an E-Learning Hubs called SuccessHub where ScholarX provides remote and hard to reach areas in Nigeria access to its services and Innovative education Technology. ScholarX team hopes to launch more E-Learning Hubs to the most remote communities and villages in Nigeria. One year from now, ScholarX aims to include Francophone East- Africa, thus growing our impact in Educating Africa.

April 26, 2018 (last update 01-02-2021)