School-Business Partnerships

About the Project

School-Business Partnerships offers businesses the possibility of getting involved with schools at very different levels in order to support the educational system where help is most needed. Private companies can get involved financially by “adopting” a school and thus improving the infrastructure, management and access to educational material. They can also get involved in kind, by offering their expertise in terms of skills and entrepreneurial know-how, narrowing the gap that exists between the education system and the world of work. 

The school adoption scheme aims to use the expertise and tools of the business sector to improve the management and education in schools. In each adopted school, a School Support Committee is established, involving a business leader, administrators, teachers, students, and parents as partners in improving the school. As a result of involving this diversity of members, school conditions are improved with better facilities and equipment, the installation of computer labs and the renovation of play spaces and buildings, and extra-curricular activities are designed and implemented.

The second aspect of the project, led by INJAZ Al-Maghrib, is to reveal to young people their potential and empower them to own their economic success. This is achieved through the deployment of pedagogical programs aimed at promoting entrepreneurship within schools and universities. Students receive training from executives on entrepreneurship, financial literacy and life skills in partnership with Injaz, a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide. Thousands of students from public middle schools, high schools and universities have been trained in entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-10-2019)