Widows Alliance Network (WANE)

About the Project

Launched in 2007 by Mama Zimbi Foundation, the Widows Alliance Network (WANE) integrates economic, social, sustainable and cultural transformation tools into an educational package to alleviate the untold hardships widows experience in Ghana. To date, WANE has formed over 400 widowhood clubs and associations with over 8,000 widows in free membership. The widowhood clubs are then encouraged to learn to grow in self-confidence, developing new skills as well as new friendships to support their families and communities.
The network was originally an amorphous movement aimed at making visible the plight of these women, but quickly developed into a way to help widows become financially self-reliant. WANE supports local widows’ groups to identify opportunities for small businesses that might be viable in their area, and provides them with startup funds and the necessary education to make them possible. The project is not interested in theoretical education, because what is learnt needs to be put into practice for it to have any impact. Rather than talk about education for entrepreneurship as another instrumental process in an already over-mechanized system, WANE addresses something broader. In this project, it is also believed that the starting point of a powerful and successful education for work is a sense of mission.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-10-2019)