WISE 2011: “Changing Societies, Changing Education”

The 2011 World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) convened November 1–3, in Doha, Qatar under the theme “Changing Societies, Changing Education”.



On Day 1 of the Summit, the major focus was on how innovation and change happen in different sectors, and whether and how these models may inspire new strategies for education, as well as intersectoral collaboration for development. 

Discussion on Day 2 sharpened the focus on innovation in the education sector. Participants explored models for whole-system reform of education, as well as individual “break-the-mold” projects that may inspire broader reforms. 

On Day 3, the discussion turned to the future, inviting new visions and new thinking about how education and lifelong learning systems may better meets the needs of changing societies, and better prepare learners for the unknown future.

Throughout the Summit, 1,200 decision makers, practitioners and thought leaders from different sectors shared and debated ideas, discussing new ways to address major challenges, and ways to promote purposeful action.


Eminent voices